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I had a lifelong ambition to become the greatest space cowboy outlaw wizard in the universe. I achieved this ambition and have a beautiful certificate on my wall to prove it. I do admit that the space time continuum is proving reluctant to bend to my will right now, I am not giving an inch. To those naysayers who maintain that the certificate is only a (in fact the BEST EVER) Christmas present from my wife and daughter, know that you are on my list just as soon as I have the Universe sorted out.
In the meantime I retain my current status as a late middle-aged, Irish, male suburbanite, married to the same wonderful woman for nearly forty years and with a daughter I adore.
The Inhabited Systems collection is my current project to create stories that will entertain, engage and start creative conversions between readers and myself. I write reviews on my blog, previously called Dancing With Skeletons, to celebrate the joy of being a reader.
Please note that on the weekends I am the Chief Wizard of the Black Ring, which involves a lot more PR than wizarding, which is a little disappointing I have to admit.
My time will come.

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